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Five banks fined for forex rate rigging. Great Britain and Switzerland uncovered that traders at those banks colluded to share.Global code aims to tell currency traders what to say, and what not. should give regulators more power to impose swift fines and other penalties on banks,.The revelation that traders colluded to move around currency exchange rates was particularly embarrassing.US and British regulators said forex traders from the banks had met in an online chatroom to set rates that cheated customers while adding to their own profits.Barclays, RBS, Citi, JP Morgan and UBS forced to pay out over collusion by traders in several countries in another big blow to their reputations The reputation of the.

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The banks failed to stop their traders from trying to manipulate forex markets.

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Traders have known all along that the currencies are manipulated.Traders at Citigroup, JP. over attempted manipulation of forex rates. The U.S. central bank fined six banks.

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News broke after the end of trading on Wednesday that banks from all over the world would be punished with massive fines for their part in manipulating the FOREX.Major banks admit guilt in forex probe, fined $6 billion. Authorities in the United States and Britain accused traders at Citigroup (C.N), JP Morgan (JPM.N),...

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Probes by federal and state authorities are ongoing over how banks used electronic forex trading. The U.S. central bank fined.

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Global banks admit guilt in forex probe, fined. over how banks used electronic forex trading to favour. fined six banks for unsafe.

Deutsche Bank Fined Over Libor. By Dr. David Campbell of Daily Forex.The regulators discovered that traders at the banks had used private chat rooms to share information.He earned a B.A. in Cornell College in Fine Arts and. he became the forex analyst for the bank which proved a.

Banks fined billions for rigging forex. AP. As a result, traders were able to form.

Regulators across the world have opened investigations into the forex ...

Certain forex traders at the banks coordinated their dealings with traders at other.

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The mind can only ponder how high these fines might. but for retail forex traders,.

The forex scandal (also known as the forex. the positions of certain traders.

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Banks Fined For Manipulating Foreign Exchange Currency-Trading Market ...

Banks Fined for Manipulating Forex Market The article says it all.